20 Bees Red Wine with Spaghetti & Meat


Red Wine

Red Wines can be rudy red, purple red, or garnet red, but they are all red wine. Red wines are made from grapes that are bluish or red in color. The juices of the red grapes are colorless, during fermentation the juices stays in contact with the dark grape skins and absorb the skin color. The skins, pips and stalks give the wine tannin, this makes a difference how red wine taste.


Champagnes are mostly common white wine. They are made from white grapes, usually consumed at parties, cocktails or before dinner. Served chilled, so refreshing than red wines.

Rose Wine

Rose Wines are also known as pink wines. They are made from red grapes, but unlike the red wine the juices stays in contact with the skins for only a few hours during fermentation and this is why rose wine absorb very little tannin from the grape skin. This gives added advantage of chilling rose wines and drinks them just like white wine.


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